So Glad You Are Here


I’m Leah – I’m a southern girl with the love of monograms, Mason jars, sweet tea, and college football – GO DAWGS! Besides photograpy, I own a monogram store called The Lettery located in Snellville. When I am not working you can find me antiquing and “boutiquing”, trying out the new cute little coffee shop down the street (although most often you will see me with an iced coffee with mocha, cream and sugar from Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks), or trying to decide which flavor of cupcake is my favorite. I am an avid Pinterest pinner and I love to plan parties (I tend to go overboard, just ask my husband).


But on a deeper level, I am a Christian, a wife, a mommy and a photographer; in that order.  I love Jesus with all of my heart. He has been faithful to me and has blessed me with a wonderful family. In 2008, I married my best friend. We both knew we wanted children and after a couple years of marriage and spending some time focusing on each other and our careers (more like my husband focusing on his career and me trying a ton of different things from retail to medical assisting – not finding what it was that God was calling me to do), we decided it was time to start a family. But that road was not an easy road for us. Early on we were met with fertility issues, being told that I would never be able to conceive without the help of fertility medicine. We started the fertility treatments and soon after became pregnant. However, shortly into the pregnancy we were devastated when I suffered a miscarriage. Month after month we hoped and prayed. A second miscarriage. Two years had passed since beginning to try for a child.


During this time our family life was also changing in other ways. The health of both of my parents was declining, and with my husband being in the medical field, we packed up, put our house on the market and moved in to help look after them. Sadly, we lost my dad   in May 2014. We miss him more than words could ever describe, but grateful for the extra time we had while caring for him.


With all the added stress from moving, we decided to take a break before starting any more rounds of fertility. Six months later, I conceived naturally and 9 months after that, our daughter Avery was born. Holding our tiny miracle for the first time, I knew what God called me to do - He called me to be her mom. The Lord heard our prayers and he answered! 


I am sure you want to hear a little about photography, right!? :) I have always loved being in pictures and taking pictures. There is just something about capturing the emotion of a moment that stirs my soul to the core. During the time that my husband and I were so desperately trying to start our family, my maternal instinct just would not go away. So many of my friends were having babies and I wanted to be around them – I wanted to take pictures of them. And there it was, out of the deepest longing of my heart, Leah Bentley the photographer was born.  


I love to meet new families and to laugh! Especially during a session there are always a ton of giggles! I am obsessed with sun flares and try to capture them as often as possible. You will know I got a good one when you see me dancing all around looking at the back of my camera!


If you are still here, thank you for taking the time to get to know me! I hope when you contact me that you feel like you know me a little better. I would love to not only be your photographer, but to be your friend.








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